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Mike Carroll MD

“Teter has been the best at getting my patients better. At getting them back to their function, back to their way of life. They’ve been a great partner.”

George Lombard

“Mike’s dad was my prosthetist for years and when he retired Mike has taken over. He’s got a good crew of people. When something new comes out, they know that if I give it a workout it will last and I can give them a good opinion if it’s something we want or not. We’ve been doing that for years.”

Jodi Simmer

“My goal was to be able to walk my dog again. The Bioness and Teter have made a huge difference in my life.”

Maureen Villalobos

“When I was at another place..they weren’t as encouraging regarding trying a new state-of-the-art leg. I’d heard about Todd at Teter from another amputee and came in to see what they had to offer. It’s been excellent ever since.”

Elizabeth Wallaker

“Thanks to Teter and the research that they did, they were able to find me full funding for my BioNess 300, which was incredible”

Sam and Marge Thompson

Sam and Marge Thompson

My husband, Sam Thompson, fractured his T7 vertebrae when he fell on the ice in our backyard. He was fitted for a brace at Munson hospital, where he was a patient on B2 — neurotrauma floor. We were impressed by the fact that Teter Orthotics made a hospital visit to fit the brace, and even more impressed with the wonderful service provided to my husband by Teter representatives Lisa Schaub, Anthony, and Mike. They treated my husband with a level of expertise, respect, and courtesy not always found in people these days. And imagine our surprise when Lisa made a second visit when the brace needed adjustment after my husband went through some further radiology studies. Lisa took the time to reinforce the information we had learned earlier that day regarding proper use and care of the brace. She was so helpful and so patient. My husband is home now. The brace is working out well – keeps his spine stable, but is very comfortable. This is our second encounter with Teter Orthotics. My husband received a knee brace a year or so ago. The quality of care we received from Teter at that time was far above outstanding. We can’t recall the name of the Teter representative, but we heard he is now working at your Petosky location. As a combat disabled Viet Nam vet, my husband has had many, many healthcare providers and services caring for him over the past 45- plus years. Most have been good, but some have provided a level of excellence that is impossible to find anywhere else. In our experience, the men and women who work for- and represent – Teter Orthotics are the very best of the best! Thank you for the services you provide, and for the highly professional, yet compassionate and friendly style in which your staff provides it.

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