Michigan Stroke Treatments – Bioness

Bioness offers a foot drop system (NESS L300) and a hand rehab (NESS H200) system that can be used to assist people recovering from stroke.  This non-evasive cutting edge technology uses mild electric impulses to activate the nerves and muscles allowing Michigan stroke suffers to regain the ability to walk and grasp objects again.  The life changing technology has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal for the impressive results stroke patients across the country have experienced.
Stroke is not only the 4th most common cause of death but also one of the leading causes of long-term disability inMichigan. The FDA approved NESS L300 and Ness H200 offer an opportunity for many patients to regain lost function.  Michigan stroke patients and physical therapists have seen how this new technology can assist with foot drop, thigh weakness and hand paralysis. The DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan among other leading Michigan rehabilitation centers confidently recommend the Bioness products to their Michigan stroke patients.
One condition stroke survivors commonly struggle with is foot drop.  The term foot drop refers to a condition that makes it difficult to pick up the front part of the foot adequately.  This can make walking especially on uneven ground or stairs very challenging.
In the past a person with foot drop may have to wear a plastic brace to hold the front of their foot up.  Not only are some of these braces unsightly, but they are restrictive as well.  The NESS L300 consists of a three lightweight wireless components a leg cuff, gait sensor and portable control unit. The leg cuff fits under your knee, the gait sensor discretely attaches to your shoe and you can hold the wireless control unit in the palm of your hand.  TheBioness NESS L300 uses electrical stimulation to activate the muscles and nerves controlling the lift of the front of the foot.  This technology is not restrictive like a typical brace.  It is widely accepted as the most advanced way to overcome foot drop caused by an underlying neurological problem.
The NESS H200 by Bioness helps Michigan stroke survivors who have suffered loss of hand function reestablish brain signals to control their hands.  This two part, light apparatus consists of a brace that fits on the wrist and forearm, and a handheld control unit.  It uses electrical stimulation to allow strokepatients to “exercise” their hand and forearm both with a physical therapist and at home. When used regularly the NESS H200 has helped patients regain the ability to pick up objects that they previously couldn’t.
To learn more about how the Bioness NESS H200 AND NESS L300 can help you or a loved one call or visit Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics at one of our many Michigan locations:

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