Custom Orthotics for Nurses

It’s not too long till National Nurses Week (which runs each year from May 6th until Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12th). What can you do for nursing professionals you know and love? Get them custom orthotics.

Forget flowers or chocolates! Although these might be appreciated, anyone who works 12-hour shifts standing and walking on hard floors will tell you that foot, leg, and back pain are the result. What helps with that? Custom orthotics!

Nurses need good quality shoes for work — but shoes alone may not be enough to help minimize discomfort if their feet are not properly aligned. This is why if you know nurses or other professionals who spend hours each work day on their feet (especially on hard floors!), you will often hear complaints of such ailments as bunions, sore feet, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, restless legs, and back pain.

Custom orthotics ease pain for many people, but especially for anyone on the go every shift at work. When feet are supported and aligned optimally, one’s gait is improved and unnecessary strain put on knees, hips, or spine is minimized.

Having to be on your feet for hours and hours at work is a strain on the body. Nurses have enough to deal with (what with sick patients, family dynamics, and emotionally charged situations) that they don’t need to add foot, leg, and back problems to each day.

Remember that you get what you pay for, and if you rush out to buy over-the-counter orthotics at a shoe store or pharmacy, these are only generic solutions. Drug store orthotic inserts are not the same as custom-made orthotics. There is no comparison because custom orthotics are fitted to each person’s unique body kinetics.

Nurses need to care for themselves as they care for others. In addition to stretching or indulging in foot and calf massage regularly, wearing custom orthotics will help keep their biomechanics optimal. Custom orthotics will help support arches, absorb the shock from hard floors and long hours, and keep body alignment in check as they walk about on shift.

Want to reduce the chance of serious foot, back, and leg pain? Nurses and other professionals who need to be on their feet all shift long should try custom orthotics to reduce the chance of foot, leg, and back pain.

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