Traverse City Orthotics for Seniors

It is never too late to get relief from painful foot problems. For example Traverse City seniors can be fit with custom-designed orthotic inserts to help with a range of issues. The specialists at Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics, located on W. Front street, make the Traverse City orthotics available. The orthotics provider affectionately referred to as Teter O&P was the first of over 20 locations across Michigan and has been serving the Traverse City area for over 45 years.

Orthotics are devices that support or supplement weakened joints and limbs. The most common custom orthotics are those created for the feet to correct for skeletal misalignments throughout your body.  These orthotics enable you to move as you should, immediately eliminating undue stress on your body caused by misalignment.  This can cure foot pain, joint pain, back pain and more in people of all ages from young children to seniors.

Don’t accept chronic pain, visit a Traverse City orthotics specialist

It is a common misconception that as we age we must endure pain. Senior citizens do not have to just accept that all muscle and joint pain is just part of growing older. Some pain is the direct result of skeletal misalignment that a visit to a Traverse City orthotics specialist can correct.

A properly supported foot arch is essential for good balance, which means properly fitted orthotics can actually help with fall prevention for older people. Often people who have had corrective knee or hip surgery benefit from orthotics that make tender joints more stable, building confidence through the rehabilitation process.

Best foot forward

Part of good preventative health for seniors includes taking care of their feet. Seniors need to watch out for cracks in the skin or swelling and should also seek medical consultation with a doctor or chiropodist for numbness. Discoloration is also a concern.

Anyone with diabetes needs to be very vigilant about foot health, watching out for nerve damage or problems with circulation. Misaligned feet arches that have never been managed with orthotics can become more painful as people get older, radiating pain elsewhere in the body as seniors try to compensate for the misalignment. These are all issues you can discuss with your Traverse City orthotics expert at Teter Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Benefits of Orthotics for Seniors

Having custom orthotics fitted can help to reduce the pain of chronic conditions such as arthritis or conditions such as hammertoes or bunions. Once the bones in the foot are aligned properly seniors will find noticeable improvement in joint and muscle comfort. Correcting a foot imbalance will not eliminate a chronic condition but it will help prevent overuse and wear and tear. A non-invasive way to help with bunions, orthotics are a way to take some of the pressure off the painful bunion less painful way to deal with a bunion. With the right custom orthotic, you will be able to move your toes more freely and walk without undue stress and pain in the toe or heel.

If you stay active and pain free as long as possible, Traverse City orthotics can be an effective solution. Regular use of orthotics helps to not only make your feet feel better, but also reduce pain and help to prevent injury in your ankles, knees and back.

Seniors can visit the friendly, knowledgeable Traverse City orthotics staff at Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. for information about quality custom-fitted orthotics. There are also 21 other Michigan locations including Petoskey, Grand Rapids and Cadillac ready to serve you.

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