Michigan Orthotics – Knee Brace for Injury Prevention & Recovery

American athletes are using knee braces to effectively protect a weak knee while recuperating and to prevent injury. Some athletic sports leave players more at risk for knee injuries, like football. Statistics show that knee injuries are the single most common leg injury for college football players. Knee injuries are also the most reported injury among all college athletes – more than half of all injuries – so it is no surprise to learn that there are now college athletics programs have begun providing knee braces to athletes. Michigan orthotics specialists from Traverse City to Grand Rapids agree that the right knee brace can be effective in protecting athletes from injury.

If an athlete has sustained a knee injury and is recovering, using a knee brace during the time of healing and recovery can help reduce the risk of re-injuring it. Many students also suggest that using a prophylactic knee brace gives them reassurance and confidence through their recovery from injury.

Athletes have also started using knee braces to give additional support as a preventative measure against knee injury. Having the right support from a knee brace fitted on the advice of an orthopedic specialist who works with athletes can help prevent knee injuries. It is important to consult your Michigan orthotics specialist to get the right fit because a poorly fitted knee brace could contribute to injury rather than prevent it.

Results vary among athletes, consulting with a Michigan orthotics specialist may help athletes decide if they could benefit from a knee brace and which one to use. It may be advisable to wear it for practice and not for games or competition, which is why it is good to get professional advice for your situation. Also, remember that using a knee brace does not mean you can skip warm ups or strengthening the muscles around the joint.

Michigan Orthotic Specialists Explain How Knee Braces Work

A well-fitted knee brace will provide support during activity or movement that puts you at risk of injury. There are different kinds of knee braces, ranging from the prophylactic braces typically used by athletes in contact sports, functional braces prescribed to help after sustaining a knee injury, rehabilitative braces for post-surgical care or post-injury support and unloader braces that are designed to provide relief for arthritis.

There is still research being conducted to determine the level of effectiveness knee braces have on preventing injury, but the majority of athletes who use knee braces do say they feel they are helpful. Because all knee braces are different and some work better for certain situations it is wise to consult a Teter Michigan orthotics specialist prior to purchasing.

Looking to prevent knee injury during sports? Visit Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics at one of our 22 Northern Michigan orthotics locations including Traverse City, Petoskey, Grand Rapids and Cadillac. A certified orthotist will be able to help with information and fitting of the best knee brace for your unique situation

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