Petoskey Orthotics Relieve Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be debilitating but thankfully Teter Orthotics & Prosthetic’s, Petoskey orthotics office has been successful at helping to reduce and even eliminate back pain. Teter’s Petoskey orthotics team specializes in correcting spinal misalignment and atypical gaits to redistribute your weight so that your hips, legs, ankles and feet can properly support your spine, eliminating excess strain on your back.

Do you know what is causing your back pain?

The most common causes of back pain include: injury, congenital condition or atypical gait. While most people have experienced back pain at some point in life, chronic back pain can be very debilitating and challenging. Whether your back pain is caused by disease or spinal misalignment, Teter’s Petoskey orthotics team likely has an effective treatment option.

Some clients describe their back pain as a dull and constant ache. Others may feel a sharp pain during times they are mobile, perhaps increased if they try to bend over or move a certain way.

Typically back pain that is not the result of a structural problem in the way the bones of the spine fit together, it arises when muscles or ligaments are strained. The underlying cause for this is often an improper gait.

How does the way you walk impact your back?

When we walk, it is important that the hips, knees, ankles and feet support the spinal column. Anything that interferes with proper support will potentially lead to back pain.

Consider, for example, someone with flat feet. Improper arch support when walking or standing will strain muscles in the leg, potentially impacting the gluteal muscles and the stability and efficiency of the hips. Where is the stress felt most? In the lower back.

This shouldn’t be surprising. If you watch someone with an unusual gait, or way of walking, even someone without experience in kinesiology will notice that the movement of the knees and hips are atypical and often the person’s posture is also affected. Consider the impact of repetitive motion injuries associated with an abnormal gait.

So does Teter’s Petoskey orthotics team help? A certified orthotist will create orthotics made specific to each patient’s unique situation and gait. Proper orthotics will provide the support required for better alignment. When feet contact the ground properly, the legs and spine are also supported.

Essentially, instead of someone over-flexing the knee or compensating for unusual movements with the hips, orthotic devices compensate for the atypical gait and allow the body to move more easily with adequate support.

While there are over-the-counter orthotics and inserts available, only the right fit and design will yield the best results. For quality Petoskey orthotics, a certified orthotist has completed years of training to assist patients with a custom-fitted orthotic.

Need relief from back pain? The certified orthotists at Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics offer expert assistance at more than 20 locations in Northern Michigan. Our professional staff members have helped with Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Cadillac and Petoskey orthotics for 45 years.

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