6-Year-Old Amputee Loves Playing Flag Football

Montrale “Money” Collins is a six-year-old double-amputee with a love for flag football and big dreams. 

He was born with fibular hemimelia, a rare condition that affects only one in a million kids, but that has not stopped him from playing flag football in the FNA league at First Baptist Bossier on the Cornhuskers team. His mother was told by doctors early on that her son’s legs would have to be amputated. 

“When they first told us about his condition, I was nervous and scared because I’m in a hospital room, I’m a first-time mom, and all they say, ‘Your baby is going to have to have an amputation,’ and so I’m freaking out,” Ieshia Player recalled.

But in the end, Player says she made the best decision for her son and she has always since then encouraged all of her children, including Montrale, to do whatever they want to do. 

She says he has inspired many people with and without handicaps and they as a family are working to start a YouTube page and non-profit to help others, especially other parents of child amputees. Montrale says he wants to one day play full tackle football and says he believes he will be the first double amputee in the NFL.

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