Paralyzed Football Player Learns To Walk With Exoskeleton

A 27-year-old football player is one of the first in the country to use a new exoskeleton to help him overcome paralysis.
Shaun Greentree, from NSW, was injured on the sporting field last October and is now a quadriplegic.
"I was playing AFL football on the central coast and had a collision with the opposition player resulting in fractures to my C3, 4 and 5 vertebrae," Mr Greentree told 9News.

But this advanced device from United States robotic company Ekso Bionics, called an EksoNR, has made his recovery easier, and faster.
Instead of using a harness and up to four people to assist, the exoskeleton gives real time feedback on patients' progress.
The robotic technology has been acquired by Sydney's Royal Rehab to help their patients recover from spinal cord injury, stroke and even Parkinson's disease.

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