Michelle's Experience At Our Kalamazoo Office

Michelle was recently seen in our Kalamazoo office for evaluation, fit, and delivery of an RGO (Reciprocating Gait Orthosis) after sustaining a T7 spinal cord injury about one year ago. This device allowed her to independently stand and take steps for the first time since her injury.

After the injury, Michelle was told she would most likely never be able to stand or walk again. Yet, here she is defying the odds, with a little help from our Teter team in Kalamazoo. Since delivery of the device, Michelle has already made significant progress in being able to independently utilize her RGO at home to stand and walk longer distances. She hopes to be able to start using it to walk short distances outside in the near future! Michelle has been an inspiration and joy to work with, and the entire Kalamazoo team feels blessed to have been able to assist her in her journey toward a more independent and active lifestyle.

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