40 Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Carving the turkey, chowing down on pumpkin pie, and taking over the yard for a friendly Thanksgiving game of touch football might be some of the best Thanksgiving traditions, but that doesn't mean the day can't be filled with other fun, especially for the kids. After all, they've got more energy to burn off than the rest of us put together. And let's be honest—if you're the one hosting the big meal, you could probably use a few minutes away from the littles to concentrate on cooking and cleaning. With grown-up quiet time in mind, we've rounded up 40 of our favorite Turkey Day activities for children. We've compiled Thanksgiving kids' table ideas for games and crafts, which can also be enjoyed before or after the meal. You'll find goodies for ages from toddlers on up that is so festive it won't be long before the adults are joining in on it all. 

Of course, we know family time, even in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, is important, so we've included some projects perfect for mom, dad, and the kids to do together. Many will result in cheery keepsakes you'll pull out of storage year after year to brighten the house with sweet seasonal decorations—and memories just as wonderful.

DIY Gourd Turkeys
All you need to make these gourd turkeys come to life is a bit of imagination, some feathers, and of course googly eyes. The gourds themselves are easy to find at any supermarket around Thanksgiving time.

Bubble Wrap Flint Corn
Simply place one of these raffia-tied "corn cobs" at each place setting alongside some paint (and maybe a bit of cautionary newspaper too). As long as you stick to traditional corn colors, there's no wrong way to paint these beauties—meaning kids of all ages can get involved.

Turkey Crowns
To ensure these crowns are sturdy and ready to make a statement, print 'em on heavier cardstock, which kids can color and paint on, too.

Sponge-Painted Thanksgiving Turkey Craft
Your kids will love sponge painting the turkey's "feathers," while you'll adore how inexpensive crafting with paper plates can be.

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