Tucson woman to soon walk again for the first time in 25 years

TUCSON, Ariz. — A double amputee who has spent her life in and out of the hospital, and undergone dozens of surgeries, may soon be able to walk again.

Michelle Lundy was born with spina bifida and severe scoliosis. The 40-year-old Tucson-area woman hasn't been able to walk in years.

A dislocated hip caused her legs to be different lengths, which made it difficult to walk, Lundy said.

In 2015, her right leg was amputated after the bone became infected. And in 2019, the same thing happened to her left leg.

But none of this has gotten Lundy's spirits down.

"You don't wonder why, or get angry," Lundy said. "No. You just learn to adapt and move on."

She's been working hard daily at Encompass Health Rehabilitation on the northwest side of Tucson.

And she just learned some life-changing news -- she's getting prosthetic legs next week. Being able to walk again was a dream that Lundy thought slipped away a long time ago.

One she has the prosthetics, she'll work on building her strength while using them.

"I can get my strength back, that's not a problem," Lundy said. "I know I can. If I just work hard at it."

Lundy hopes to be able to walk again within a year.

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