Amputees Find Common Ground in Support Group

Those living with the loss of a limb now have a support group on Long Island. Not only is it newly formed, but also a first of its kind in its area, reports CBS2’s Steve Overmyer. Eddie Lopez is preparing to turn a parking lot into a basketball court.

Lynbrook Restorative Therapy and Nursing is playing host to a wheelchair basketball game. Lopez is the coach of Nassau Kings, the seventh-ranked wheelchair basketball team in the nation. “Basketball happens to be my niche,” he said, showing off his national championship ring.

He’s part of the creation of an amputee support group. “Let me come, because it’s not about me,” said Marcia Chambers. “It’s about helping someone else.”

There are more than 2 million Americans living with limb loss. Physical activities like basketball help rebuild confidence, while the support group addresses more psychological needs.

“95% of your recovery is mental,” said Keicha Wynn. “You can have great support but you need to be around people like you in order for the understanding to resonate and you move forward.”

Lynbrook Restorative Therapy offers the only amputee support group on Long Island. They’re expanding to Glenn Cove and Woodbury to provide a lifeline for people living with limb loss trying to find a new normal.

“I call people like you with all your limbs, you’re the abnormal people,” said Wynn. “Amputees are the normal people now. So when you see other people just like you now, it helps the process 1,000 fold.

A group setting focusing on positivity empowers amputees to find their independence and create a life worth celebrating.

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