13 Prosthetic Arms and Legs and More That Appear to have Come from the Future

Robotic prosthetic limbs and organs are rapidly developing fast. From DIY projects to multi-million dollar research these prosthetics appear to be from the future. 

Prosthetics have a long and fascinating history but current developments in robotic prosthesis are rapidly gaining pace. From mind-controlled synthetic limbs to ones made from lego, current developments are as varied as the amputees who wield them.

Current interesting developments include decoding and translating the messages from your brain to move removable robotic prosthetics, as well as others that feed information back to the nervous system to actually 'feel' with it. Admittedly these are still in their infancy but it will only improve as time goes by.

The future of this field is both exciting and gruesome in equal measures with the inevitable outcome making them fully integrated into your body. 

These 13 examples exemplify the culmination of work to date with many seeming to have dropped straight out of the future. This list is in no particular order and is far from exhaustive.

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