3-year-old Gets New Legs, Learns To Walk For First Time

April 30th 2019

After living most of her life without legs, a 3-year-old Cuban girl took a big first step toward a normal life Monday. Doctors amputated both of Alexa Prieto's legs when she was just 3-months-old.

Her mother had taken her to the hospital in Havana for intestinal issues, but the infant contracted…

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Limb Loss Awareness Month: Taking Out the Stigma

April 17th 2019

 According to the Amputee Coalition website, nearly 4 million people in the United States will be living with limb loss by the year 2050.  The website also highlights "that 36 percent of people living with limb loss or limb difference experience depression." The stigma that often comes with wearing prosthetics also…

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Eating Nuts May Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk For People With Diabetes

April 4th 2019

Eating more nuts, particularly tree nuts, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among people with type 2 diabetes, according to new research in Circulation Research, an American Heart Association journal.

In the study, researchers found eating all kinds of nuts offered some heart-healthy benefits, with tree nuts showing the strongest…

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Solar-Powered Prosthetics For Amputees A Real Possibility

March 20th 2019

Solar-powered prosthetics for amputees are becoming a real possibility thanks to a breakthrough in energy storage technology. The new technology could pave the way for a new generation of flexible electronics, say researchers from the University of Glasgow

They wrote about their work in the prestigious journal Advanced Science (citation below). The…

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Students Create 3D-printed Prosthetic Hands for Children in Need

March 5th 2019

The printers whirred on a table inside Molly Graham’s internet business class at Northshore High School, their robotic arms tirelessly working through an 11-hour process that would result in the creation of hands from a spool of plastic-like fiber called PLA filament.

Authement smiled. Groom smiled. Watching the hands emerge from…

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Man Gets New Hand that is Controlled by Downloadable App

February 19th 2019

Nearly five decades later, Tommy Rowland, 55, of El Dorado, Arkansas is getting what he calls a second chance at life. "Anybody who lost an arm or a digit or a few fingers and could get those back - it's unbelievable the feeling that you can have," says Rowland. 

Rowland lost…

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AI System Translates Stroke, Paralysis Patients' Thoughts Into Speech

February 5th 2019

In a scientific first, Columbia neuroengineers have created a system that translates thought into intelligible, recognizable speech. By monitoring someone's brain activity, the technology can reconstruct the words a person hears with unprecedented clarity. This breakthrough, which harnesses the power of speech synthesizers and artificial intelligence, could lead to new…

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Ski Spectacular Draws Hundreds To Breckenridge

January 22nd 2019

Sunny skies, chilly temperatures, and a mountain of snow provided perfect conditions for the 31st annual Hartford Ski Spectacular December 3-9, 2018, at Beaver Run Resort and Breckenridge Ski Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado. 

More than 800 participants registered for the event, hosted by Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA), including more than…

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Diabetic Amputations on the Rise in the U.S.

January 9th 2019

A growing number of people with diabetes in the U.S. are losing toes and feet to the disease by the time they reach middle age, according to a study that suggests a reversal after years of progress against diabetes.

When people with diabetes have poorly controlled blood sugar, over time…

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Being Bionic: How Technology Transformed My Life

December 18th 2018

I was born with the usual set of limbs. When I was nine months old, I contracted meningococcal septicaemia, a dangerous infection of the blood, which very nearly killed me. I survived, but because I had sustained major tissue damage, it became necessary to amputate my right leg below the…

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