Researchers Pair Virtual Reality, Tactile Prosthetics to Fight Amputees' Phantom Limb Sensations

September 11th 2018

Amputees experiencing painful phantom limb sensations may be able to find some relief in a novel therapeutic approach incorporating visual and tactile sensory technologies.

In a recent paper published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, & Psychiatry, a team of European researchers described a virtual reality experience powered by a headset…

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Quadruple Amputee Achieves Firsts at Buffalo Amputee Golf Classic

August 30th 2018

Jim Hunt, a quadruple amputee, never had played golf with other amputees before. That was until he got to Brierwood Country Club Monday, when he got the chance to play with 12 other amputees at the Buffalo Amputee Golf Classic. And what made the event more special for Hunt: It…

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13 Prosthetic Arms and Legs and More That Appear to have Come from the Future

August 14th 2018

Robotic prosthetic limbs and organs are rapidly developing fast. From DIY projects to multi-million dollar research these prosthetics appear to be from the future. 

Prosthetics have a long and fascinating history but current developments in robotic prosthesis are rapidly gaining pace. From mind-controlled synthetic limbs to ones made from lego, current…

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Borgess Golf for Health

July 25th 2018

A few staff members from Teter Kalamazoo participated in the 2018 Borgess Golf for Health!

Teter Orthotics was a proud sponsor and supporter of the Borgess Golf for Health! This was the 27th year for this event at the beautiful Gull Lake Country Club. The proceeds from this event go to the improvements…

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After Losing His Leg, LAPD Officer Returns to Work With Prosthetic

July 18th 2018

The Los Angeles Police Department welcomed back rookie officer Nick Wiltz at the Wilshire division. He took part in roll call, a routine way for any officer to start their shift. But for Wiltz, hearing his name called was anything but routine. "Feels good to have the culminating climax of…

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Women’s Stroke Risk is Greater Than They May Realize

July 10th 2018

People are familiar with the “go red” dresses, scarves and sweaters women wear to promote heart health and cardiovascular awareness.

Stroke is part of that cardiovascular campaign, but it’s sometimes overlooked in the push to make women recognize their risk of heart attacks.

Physicians and advocacy groups increasingly share these…

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New Office in St. Joseph, MI

June 30th 2018


Teter Orthotics and Prosthetics has officially opened their 23 office in St. Joseph, MI!  

Adriana Medina, CPO will be the clinical provider serving the community at this Teter location. Adriana comes to Teter with a tremendous amount of experience in both pediatric orthotics and prosthetics. She also has…

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Evidence-Based Post-Operative Care

June 19th 2018

Evidenced-based medicine (EBM) is becoming an essential component of O&P practice. In simplest terms, EBM is discontinuing practices that medical evidence demonstrates do not improve clinical outcomes, and conversely, consistently incorporating into practice interventions that are proven to enhance patient outcomes. 

EBM was introduced in the 1990s and defined as…

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The Lilly Biagini Story: Attitude Determines Altitude

June 7th 2018

While many six year olds are still deciding which letter comes next in the alphabet, Lilly Biagini was focused on something much more momentous: she made the decision to have bilateral transfemoral amputations.

Lilly, now a precocious, animated ten-year-old, was born with arthro-gryposis multiplex congenita, hip dislocation, scoliosis, kyphosis, and…

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Amputees are tuning into apps for fitness and finesse

May 16th 2018

Apps are changing the way that amputees do everything from staying fit to operating their prosthetic limbs. Fitness for Amputees is just one in a budding group of mobile apps that have sprung up to help speed the recovery process for people who've lost a limb. There's ample demand for such…

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