New Artificial Muscle Material Could Reduce Weight of Prostheses

August 27th 2019

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a way to coil contrasting materials together to create a lightweight and durable fiber that pulls and contracts like muscles. This mechanism could be used to replace artificial muscles made of heavy, slow-responding hydraulic systems and motors in prosthetic limbs and robots.

By coiling together two…

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Amputee Veteran Climbs Mountains and Inspires Others

August 13th 2019

Kirstie Ennis was honored at the 2019 ESPYS with the Pat Tillman Award, bringing down the house with her powerful acceptance speech and brutal honesty.

A former Marine, who was injured and could have died seven years ago in a helicopter crash while on duty in Afghanistan, Ennis had to work…

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Disabled Travel: Tips and Advice for Travelers with Disabilities

July 23rd 2019

Travel by people with disabilities, also known as “disabled travel” or “accessible travel,” is on the rise. The travel industry is waking up to the special needs of travelers with disabilities by providing more services and greater accommodation. Meanwhile, the sheer abundance of information on accessible travel is astounding —…

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Prosthetics Of The Future

July 15th 2019

Falls are always a concern with our patients. A team at Vanderbilt is working to capture research to design a new prosthesis with stumble recovery response.

College Park Industries is a Michigan based manufacturer of many prosthetic components. Here is a look-through of how they are trying to advance the…

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Mind-Controlled Limbs, Bionic Hands Among Prosthesis Advances

July 11th 2019

Mind-controlled limbs

The Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, America, is developing prosthetics controlled by neural activity that will restore near-normal function to upper limbs. It features advanced sensors that regulate a neural interface between the limb and the body’s nervous system to allow control and sensory…

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Spinal Bracing: A Treatment Option for Scoliosis in Children

June 27th 2019

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Scientist Developing Prosthetic Foot For Rough Terrain

June 25th 2019

Taking on a hiking trail or a cobblestone street with a prosthetic leg is a risky proposition – it’s possible, but even in relatively easy terrain, people who use prostheses to walk are more likely to fall than others. Now, Stanford University mechanical engineers have developed a more stable prosthetic…

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Veteran With Prosthetic Leg Finds Her Strength In Running, Will Compete In 2019 Warrior Games

June 11th 2019

Countless heroes have stepped foot on the quarter-mile track on MacDill Air Force Base, including Lauren Montoya. Most days, the 27-year-old can be seen running laps and building her strength while calming her mind. “It's absolutely therapy for me," she told FOX 13, "to be able to go swim or go run. Just…

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Living Healthy It Begins With The First Step

May 29th 2019

Enjoying and living life to its fullest is challenging in today’s world – but for people with limb loss, the physical challenges are even greater. And the stakes are higher. No one is more at risk for amputation than someone who has already lost a limb. For example, diabetes is…

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15 Food Swaps That Make Your Diet Instantly Healthier

May 14th 2019

Improving your health could be as simple as a few tiny tweaks to your diet. 15 healthy food swaps you can easily make… 

1. Swap white pasta for whole wheat 

If pasta forms a staple part of your diet, don't despair - there's no need to ditch it altogether. "Whole…

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