Amputee Refuses To Let Disability Prevent Him From Full, Active Life

May 26th 2020

Madisson Howanyk has never let his disability define who he is. It is part of him but it isn’t all that he is and it won’t keep him from living a full and active life.

“It’s part of you and something you are stuck with your whole life” said the…

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The Basics of Prosthetic Limbs and How They Work

May 12th 2020

How do prosthetics work?

Prosthetics, or artificial limbs, allow amputees to regain function resulting from the loss or absence of a limb. Prosthetic limbs are classified according to the level of amputation: above the knee, below the knee, above the elbow, and below the elbow. Preference in terms of prosthetic…

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13 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating When You’re Stuck at Home

May 1st 2020

Though self-isolating is the best way to protect against COVID-19, being stuck at home can lead to some unhealthy behaviors, including overeating due to stress and boredom.

While taking comfort in food during times of stress is a normal reaction, overeating regularly can negatively affect your health and increase your…

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Walking More Steps Daily Lowers Risk For Diabetes & Hypertension

April 15th 2020

A higher volume of steps per day in middle-aged adults lowered the risk for type 2 diabetes and stage 2 hypertension, according to data presented at the American Heart Association Epidemiology, Prevention, Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health Scientific Sessions.

“Steps are a simple metric to communicate with patients,” Amanda E. Paluch, PhD, assistant…

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Highly Sensitive Sensors Show Promise in Enhancing Human Touch

March 30th 2020

People rely on a highly tuned sense of touch to manipulate objects, but injuries to the skin and the simple act of wearing gloves can impair this ability. Surgeons, for example, find that gloves decrease their ability to manipulate soft tissues. Astronauts are also hampered by heavy spacesuits and find…

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March 16th 2020

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Violinist With Prosthetic Arm Shows Incredible Power of Science and Music

March 5th 2020

Manani Ito is an extraordinary, Japanese-born violinist, who plays with a prosthetic arm. Aged 20, Ito tragically lost her right arm in a car accident in 2004 while studying to become a nurse, and was convinced her days as a violinist were over.

After surgery, she went to collect her…

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Tucson woman to soon walk again for the first time in 25 years

February 20th 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. — A double amputee who has spent her life in and out of the hospital, and undergone dozens of surgeries, may soon be able to walk again.

Michelle Lundy was born with spina bifida and severe scoliosis. The 40-year-old Tucson-area woman hasn't been able to walk in years.…

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Mobile apps may facilitate weight loss among adults with type 2 diabetes

February 4th 2020

Adults with type 2 diabetes may lose weight more effectively by including a weight-loss mobile app as part of their strategy, according to findings from a meta-analysis published in Obesity.

“Face-to-face tailored or supervised lifestyle modification programs with emphases on healthy diet and sufficient physical activity have been shown to be effective in…

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Quadruple Amputee Says Call Him "Recalibrated Warrior"

January 21st 2020

Mills served three tours in Afghanistan and became one of only five surviving quadruple amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was hit by an improvised explosive device while leading an explosive ordnance disposal team that was clearing an abandoned Afghanistan National Army security post on April 10, 2012.

He prefers the term "recalibrated warrior."…

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